Carey teaches sewing classes!

Whether you're brand new to the world of sewing or want to start using that dusty machine once again, I have designed classes to meet your individual interests and needs. Anyone aged 8 to 108 is welcome to inquire about setting up sessions, using your machine or mine, at your home, school, or other location in North Pinellas County, FL. Additionally, classes can be scheduled through Tampa Upcycle in Ybor City if Tampa is an easier option for you.

For the younger crowd, ages 8 - 16, I will be offering instruction specifically tailored to their individual abilities, attention spans, and interests. Curriculum is intended to be fluid, allowing individual passions to take center stage while building skill levels, adding techniques, and increasing confidence. Classes can even be adjusted to incorporate and reinforce skills being taught at school: public, private, or home based.

Yes, group sessions are also an option.

Contact Carey of Gypsy Thread ASAP to sign up!

email: Carey (at) GypsyThread (dot) com