Monday, June 20, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange and More Projects

So many WIP's right now!!!
(work in progress)

I'm almost done with my prezzie for my Handmade Gift Exchange Partner.  (Too late to sign up for this session, but Craftaholics Anonymous will have another at the end of the year.)  I ended up taking a simple project and using it to practice a few skills that always give me trouble. Hope it works out in the end!  : D

Thursday I will have my first Gypsy Thread photo shoot with a beautiful young lady modeling new wares. Very excited! And yes, that means new items will finally be added to Etsy. I still have a few skirts and aprons to finish before then. Yikes!

And there are always projects in the que for family members... like finishing a jacket for my mother and fixing some work pants for my bro-in-law. (Why are even grown men so hard on their clothes?)

However, today I will be taking care of my WONDERFUL, ADORABLE, FABULOUS nephew instead!

First Birthday Mickey Party in March
First Birthday, First Cake - March 2011

Maybe we'll get some better pics in the backyard today with the world's best nephew and the world's craziest dog chasing each other today. And maybe my hands will be steady enough to take them!

How many WIP's do you have on your plate?

Hope you have a great Monday!

~ Carey

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Dad’s Day…

To all the Dads in our lives…


                             Whether big or small…

             Biological or adopted…


                        Grandfather, Uncle, or family friend…

Single Moms taking on roles of both parents…

                        Thank you, all of you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Were You Wendesday

Not you. Me. Where have I been? Today I only went to CVS, where I found my bank card had finally quit on me. (Too much swiping?) No, I'm not talking about today either. It's a general statement/question to myself... Where the heck have you been? Obviously not writing on my blog.

Thank you Graphics Fairy

As you may or may not have figured out from my previous postings, photography is not my strong suit. Frankly, I stink at it. So picture taking is never at the top of my list and therefore never inspires a blog post from me. Projects for Gypsy Thread keep piling up. I never have enough energy to get to all of the lovely items on my to-do list. (Sound familiar?) Then there's life in general always pushing blogging to the bottom of the priority list. And recently my beloved laptop decided to stop cooperating. This is a great travesty. A moment of silence would be appreciated if you're hearing this for the first time.
It's ok, I'll pause.
Thank you.

Now that I've spent a good part of the past week organizing, writing things by hand *gasp*, and re-prioritizing, I've decided that paying attention to my blog should be higher on the list. I don't have to write a novella every time. Sometimes just a, "Hi, how ya' doin'?" works when I'm reading other blogs... or just a pretty picture... that I will obviously have to borrow from someone else. It feels good to send something out into cyberspace. It's a task accomplished, a goal set and reached. Kudos for me. Right?

The new-and-improved blog to-do list has already produced (finally) About Me and Shop pages. I've also linked up some online nice stuff that I'm signing up for. And get this... I already have 5 new posts started. Please don't expect them all in one week, though. Baby steps. Can't overdo. I might pull something.

Until I write again, or you decide to write to me...

~ Carey