Monday, June 20, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange and More Projects

So many WIP's right now!!!
(work in progress)

I'm almost done with my prezzie for my Handmade Gift Exchange Partner.  (Too late to sign up for this session, but Craftaholics Anonymous will have another at the end of the year.)  I ended up taking a simple project and using it to practice a few skills that always give me trouble. Hope it works out in the end!  : D

Thursday I will have my first Gypsy Thread photo shoot with a beautiful young lady modeling new wares. Very excited! And yes, that means new items will finally be added to Etsy. I still have a few skirts and aprons to finish before then. Yikes!

And there are always projects in the que for family members... like finishing a jacket for my mother and fixing some work pants for my bro-in-law. (Why are even grown men so hard on their clothes?)

However, today I will be taking care of my WONDERFUL, ADORABLE, FABULOUS nephew instead!

First Birthday Mickey Party in March
First Birthday, First Cake - March 2011

Maybe we'll get some better pics in the backyard today with the world's best nephew and the world's craziest dog chasing each other today. And maybe my hands will be steady enough to take them!

How many WIP's do you have on your plate?

Hope you have a great Monday!

~ Carey


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