Saturday, January 29, 2011

Production Projections

How long should someone give themselves to organize and launch a new business? We’re talking an online, hand-made, crafty sort of venture with one employee (me), and products to be posted/listed as they’re made. These wares aren’t new to me. I find posting online relatively easy. Plus, I’m my own boss. So, I gave myself until this weekend… apparently just less than 2 weeks. Did I mention that I’m a bit of an over achiever? Needless to say, self-imposed deadline number one is a bust. Who knew that I didn’t have the energy and time to launch several web sites, create a blog, collaborate on new logos and fine art, throw in some pre-opening marketing, scour auctions and thrift shops, AND then actually make well crafted, gorgeous, sellable items to match my emerging eclectic treasured theme? Now that I type it all out, yes, it does seem a bit crazy.

Concentrating on the projects that have been completed is a must. My neurotic and under-utilized brain needs to feel productive. A fine art line, Gypsy Rose if you will, is being created in collaboration with Sophie Paul Designs (fabulous!), custom orders are already being filled (amazing!), and I’ve finally settled on a design for product tags/labels. Pictures of said beauties…

Getting a cold water bath.
Couldn't decide on just one color.

The long to-do list will never cease. I must cut myself a little slack with the “grand opening” date. Maybe it’ll be as much of a surprise to my would-be customers as it will to me. In the meantime I’ll plug along, creating whenever I find inspiration, not cheating myself in the quality or design areas for the sake of a quick production schedule.


  1. All of this sounds so familiar! I always do things like this too! The labels look fabulous! Cannot wait to hear more! I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  2. Isn't narrowing down just 1 color, when they're all so nifty, just the worst? Thanks for your super comment on my blog! You made my day :)


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