Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013! Let's Have a Giveaway!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!
This year is going to be awesome, don't you think?

(I didn't create this pic, but would love to give credit to whomever did.)

I have so much planned for Gypsy Thread in 2013 that my head is spinning a bit. Finding a way to make it all work is going to be a challenge, but isn't that what fresh starts and new years are all about? In no particular order, some of those goals include:

~ There will be blog posts. Stop laughing. I meant it. No seriously, it's gonna happen, like on a regular basis and everything.
~ Gypsy Thread will get its arse into a minimum of 4 craft shows/fairs this year. Must!
~ New designs and goodies will be posted on Etsy. (Sounds like a given, but my track record says otherwise.)
~ Teaching others to sew in private or group classes will become a regular occurrence. I can feel it.

As announced yesterday on the Gypsy Thread Facebook page, I reached the 250 fan milestone! So super huge for me. That means more than half of my fans are NOT my direct friends and family members. I feel so famous. Well, kinda famous. Ok, maybe not famous at all, but it did raise the self-esteem bar a bit.
Thank you so much Yvonne, Renee, Shelly, Kelly, Ricann, Jill, Colleen, Wanda, Ally, Natasha, and several of you who shared my goal on FB for helping me reach that goal number!

And because that fantastic FB milestone was hit before the end of the 2012 year I'm giving away a never before seen Gypsy Thread goodie. One of the added lines of bags this year will be clutches (hand-held purses for those who don't speak accessory language) made from vintage and repurposed fabrics. One lucky reader will get to choose to have their favorite shipped to them ASAP. Yes, my international friends can participate too!

Batch of New Clutches prepped!
More Clutches ready to be sewn!


*** Bonus - If by some chance I end up with 75 Gypsy Thread Google+ followers by the end of the giveaway, I'll give away a second prize: a $25 gift certificate good toward anything in the Gypsy Thread Etsy shop! ***

The giveaway closes seconds before midnight on Saturday, January 5th.
Good luck!


  1. Another plan I have for 2013 is to sew clothing for MYSELF! (That one is more of a "wish list" item, though.)

  2. Congrats on your goal! Happy new year :)

  3. Let's stop the party right now and just give me the prize. :) Love your stuff. Congratulations. Meeting goals and getting famous feels awesome.

  4. Congrats glad I could help - may 2013 bring you lots of success.

  5. Oh how fun !! A give away of some amazingly beautiful something or other LOL I know it will be super special. I look forward to winning ! :)

  6. Really great goals! I hope to be one of the peeps you help with sewing. =)

  7. Great job, Carey! Really enjoyed the tea wallet I bought my grandma for Christmas!! Blessings!


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