Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Fabric - From the UK with Love

Saturday I received a lovely package in the mail filled with goodies I treasure so very much, pieces of vintage fabric! This was no ordinary, vintage fabric filled package, as so few could ever be labeled. No, this was in fact an extraordinary package having met several criteria, not least of which was its origination from a new-to-me source across the pond AND I won this package by simply entering a Facebook contest hosted by Donna Flower Vintage Fabrics. How very sweet is that? Here's what I found when I opened the pretty pink package:

bakers twine and tissue
Sweet Paper Packages
vintage fabric scraps
My prize from Donna Flower

 Now, if any of you happen to know me at all, you'll know that as much as I love my vintage fabrics I have the hardest time cutting into them and committing each piece to a project. Do you think my choices and ability to commit will be any easier now? 

retro cotton fabric prints
My fully opened prize with so many lovely pieces.
There have been a handful of goodies produced using some of my stash of vintage treasures, with many more on the way. (Check my growing collection of photos on Facebook if you need a refresher.) Until now my only go-to Europe-based fabric source has been Rag Rescue, owned by the lovely Sandie. Tell her I said, "Hi!" if you pop by. My stash from Rag Rescue still contains a large selection of beauties like these:

paisley and floral fabrics
Only a few of the LARGE collection I've yet to use from Rag Rescue.
Suffice to say, I need to take the plunge and put some goodies together... and soon... so that I can place more orders with these wonderful shops! I'll be sure to let you know what I come up with.

Direct links for these fabulous shops ~
     Donna Flower - www.donnaflower.com - Donna Flower on Facebook
     Rag Rescue - www.ragrescue.co.uk - Rag Rescue on Facebook



  1. When you post a new post in the castteam blog blitz, please post it in the thread that has this current week's date on it. This beautiful post was on an expired thread and probably did not get as many readers as it could have. :(

  2. Thanks so much for the tip, SammysGrammy! I'm still a newbie to the fabulous CAST group on Etsy. You are all so terrific. :)

  3. I have a thing for vintage looking fabrics too...but no interest in sewing anymore! Your prize is just too good to be true!

  4. Beautiful designs! I've really been drawn to vintagey-style prints lately, although I don't sew. These would make spectacular papers! Congrats on your win :)

  5. Oh my they are gorgeous - so lucky new pieces to play with, cannot wait to see what you do with them.

  6. I totally understand the reticence to take the scissors to them - once something is made with them, I'm even reluctant to part with it.

    My advice - take lots of pictures of it to remember it by

  7. Oh my word, what treasures!! I love that paisley...I would have a hard time committing it to a project, too!

  8. Beautiful fabrics! I would like to see what you create from them!

  9. Lovely fabrics - I can't wait to see what you create :)

  10. Beautiful fabric! I would have a hard time cutting such pretty fabric.


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