Monday, March 11, 2013

Demos and Fabrics and Supply Shops, oh my!

Soon after moving to lovely, sunny Florida I stumbled upon a great group of local Etsy shop owners. This group, Tampa Bay Etsy Crew (TBEC), has not only provided me with tons of business knowledge and support, but also lots of new growing friendships. Super awesomeness! One of the great parts about TBEC is their willingness to share info and provide tips on just about anything related to being an artist, growing a business, crafting randomness, and community building. In fact, they're so awesome that they've teamed up with a local brick and mortar business, Tampa Upcycle, to host a combined Birthday Bash celebrating the anniversary of both organizations next month.

Tampa Upcycle, Tampa Bay Etsy Crew, TBEC

And guess what? My sewing machine and I are making an appearance teaching how to sew a quick project. Participants will also learn how to thread a sewing machine if they need a refresher on that subject as well. We'll be all set up and ready to rock by noon on Saturday, April 6th. Will you be there to party and celebrate with us? A list of other local business participating and available fun stuff to learn and make should find its way to the website soon.

As part of the trade for our time and energies providing demos that allow people to create their very own party favors, all demo-vendors have been given a free pass to raid Tampa Upcycle for any and all supplies we may need to complete our projects. How generous is that? So I headed to Upcycle this past Saturday and found some fun stuff...

Silks anyone?
Vintage Buttons. Check those original prices!
Upholstery Remnants
Lots of fun, summery prints.

These lovely gems, in addition to pieces from my own stash of fabric and buttons, will be used to create simple fabric envelopes. Lots of choices will be available for the participants. I'll be sure to publish a quick tutorial for my sewing project here after it debuts at the Demo Extravaganza.  

In the meantime, if you're in the area, I strongly suggest you check out Tampa Upcycle in Ybor City, FL, or one of its sister shops which can be found by visiting the original Upcycle Exchange website. Each co-op shop functions as an art supply trading station where you can donate your extra stash of whatever you have and receive store credit. From there it's a pay-as-you-wish setup. Seriously... pay. as. you. wish! You never know what you'll find, and I never leave empty handed. Tampa Upcycle also has spaces rented by individual artists showcasing their wares for sale, often made with materials found right in that very shop. I hope more of these shabby-chic boutiques of awesomeness start popping up in more cities soon.

More soon!
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  1. I can't wait to get up to Upcycle and do some raiding of my own!

  2. you reminded me that I haven't visited in a while I am sure there must be loads of awesomeness to be found. Cannot wait for our birthday party :D


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