Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Morning WIP's - iPad Cases

Happy Monday!
Does that phrase deserve an exclamation point? God bless the ability to schedule posts for future times when an adequate amount of caffeine has not yet entered the blood stream. With any luck I may even be asleep when this blog entry manifests on internet.
*fingers crossed*

GypsyThread iPad Sleeves
GypsyThread iPad SleevesOver the past several days I've been assembling a few new items, iPad sleeves. A few friends have been bugging me to create some utility or gadget pouches. This first round will feature padded, zippered cases fitting all iPad versions to date. Here are a few images of the initial outer fabrics and trims I matched up.


I have to say, the finished items look even better. Now to find someone with an iPad for me to borrow for official pictures. Anyone nearby who can part with their device for a few hours? Or better yet, anyone want to take pictures for me?

Also high on the project to-do list, aprons! I have a few cut out and two finished. Now taking bets on whether I'll get them posted before Mother's Day.

Hope you have a great week,


  1. Ooh, Carey, these are lovely. So lovely they almost make me sad that I am a Luddite at heart (i.e. no iPad, no iPhone, no electronic / communication / music gadgets of any kind). Good luck with the photos.
    Laurie @ Odd Bird Studio

  2. No Ipad but I can pretend to own one so I can justify a cover - what do you think???

  3. I wonder if the measurements are posted anywhere? If so, maybe you could do a cardboard mock up.

    1. Oooh. I wonder how crazy I could get with a cardboard mock up. Might be fun. Thanks for the idea!


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