Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Craft Show Prep

Moving from New England to sunny, perpetually warm Florida has opened many doors for me physically, which in turn has expanded the amount of time and energy I'm able to invest in Gypsy Thread. Having more treasures in my shop is a fabulous feeling. And although I miss my mill-based fabric shops and other raw material outlets with my whole heart, I am now able to share my creations with a new crowd of people via outdoor craft shows and art fairs, something available seasonally at best in New England. 

One of my many goals for 2013 is to take advantage of these year round opportunities. Building a better display, one that can be altered from a full booth to a table top only version has been a bit of a challenge. Not only am I an incredibly picky person, but my wares are not small and cute and compact. I need large display pieces for long scarves and handbags, props for wallets and clutches, room for signage and business cards. In short, I've created a very difficult set of inventory for me to display according to my own tastes and preferences, that is also appealing to a consumer or even admirer. Thank goodness for the internet and sites like Pinterest

Of course I'm always looking for items that will serve my need for functionality and desire for fabulous form. An over the top gypsy vardo wagon or extravagant, elaborate tent would be amazing. Reality dictates that I'll be using a regular ol' white tent. A gal can daydream.

Isn't this so clever and fun? Everyone would certainly be able to find where to make their purchases.

LIT Decor 

Not sure how or where I'll be using these, but I will be purchasing something from LIT Decor for my tablescape, most likely a larger dish or bowl to use as part of my display.

Then there are the necessary pieces, like racks for my scarves and handbags, that I should be focusing on. These ideas do certainly help me feel like I'm on the right path visually, but to find similar pieces locally... Challenge accepted.


 Right now my schedule includes booth shows under tents in September, October, and November, and one killer, juried table show in December that I'm hoping I'll be accepted into. That seems like enough time to prepare and build and organize, right? As I collect pieces to add to my display setup I will of course be sharing them with you. Awesomeness here I come!

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