Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Aprons are Looking Great, Thanks to Minh and Natasha!

If you've paid attention to Gypsy Thread trends at all, then you're well aware of the fact that I am NOT a photographer. If I never had to take photos of my creations I'd be a super happy camper. Alas, the internet and web-based sales demand pictures. All those silly customers who actually want to see what they're purchasing are messin' with my game. ;-)

How blessed am I to have created new friendships locally in Florida with both a fabulous photographer and someone whom I can coerce into being a model? Actually, the model coerced the photographer to play along, but I digress. Without further delay here are a few images of the magnificent Natasha, owner of Everything So Pretty, modeling a couple of my aprons for the fantabulous Minh Insixiangmy,

Cute aprons. Cute shoes. Cute tush. (he he he... Natasha will kill me for posting that.)

Please keep this in mind: this may be a one shot deal for Gypsy Thread to have the stars align so perfectly allowing for a professional photographer to produce such lovely images until I start making a profit with this sewing gig. So don't go expecting this level of awesomeness all the time. Photographers won't work for favors and bartering all the time; they deserve to be paid, too. Seriously, go check out Minh's website, Flickr account, and Facebook page now and hire him for your next shoot!

Back to me... The Lilac Ruffle Hostess Half-Apron is currently posted to the Gypsy Thread shop, but the photos will receive a complete makeover soon. The golden-colored apron and two full, halter-style aprons will be posted this week, er, maybe next. You'll have to keep an eye on the Gypsy Thread shop and Facebook page to know when I've completed my own photo-editing and posting sessions.

Hope you're having a great week,

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